Parc Omega

January 1, 2016

So for my birthday this year, I decided that I wanted to do something outside of the norm. So off we went to Parc Omega, a drive through game reserve in Montebello, Quebec, about a 1 hour drive east of Ottawa. 
The hubs didn't believe me when I told him we would need to bring lots of carrots, and he looked pretty nervous when I told him the animals would come right up to the car. But he finally decided it was easier to listen to me than to listen to me tell him I was right after the fact. So after a trip to Costco, and a tote full of 40lbs of carrots later, we're on the road to Quebec. 
This place is amazing! I highly recommend it if you've never been.  The animals are in a game reserve large enough that they wouldn't even know they are fenced in, and they all look extremely well taken care of. Boy do they get excited when they see a car pull in, cause they know they're about to hit the jackpot. The smart ones stand right beside the front gate, and ambush you as soon as you open your windows. 
We left that day with huge smiles, a slobber covered vehicle, and great memories. I think we just may make this a birthday tradition. 

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