Behind the lens has always been my happy place. It grounds me, and makes me appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us everyday. I love taking photographs that I hope people treasure for years to come. I'm truly humbled that this is what I get to do for a living. 
My love for photography started at a young age, when I discovered a photography class in high school. I signed up for it thinking it would be an easy credit, and a breeze, and instead I developed a passion for something that I had never experienced before. I learned to develop my own film, and could barely contain my excitement when the images started to appear. And yes, I still do the same happy dance now. 
I tend to have more of a documentary/lifestyle approach when it comes to capturing your special moments. I believe the 'unposed' moments are always the best, when true personality shines through. Those are the moments that people remember for a lifetime, and I'm truly honoured to be a part of that. 

Things I love:  coffee, sunsets, love, hearing other peoples stories, cats, cozy fall sweaters, travelling and adventures, baseball,  and pinterest. 
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